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"Just One Thing"

Understand how the body responds to stress and how your lifestyle choices impact your stress system. Full-day training with manuals provided. 

Cost: $1500, up to 50 people


Tame the Tiger - Clarify how the stress system keeps us alive but not healthy, by making our stress events a little worse than necessary. Self-regulating your stress response is the key to staying healthy all through life.


Raw Materials - Choosing fuel for the only body you'll ever get. You are what you eat so you might as well eat the best stuff.


Movement Strategies - Providing your team with evidence-based ways that exercise improves stress management, increases longevity, and prevents disease. How can I incorporate enough activity to stay well?


Workplace Powerhouse (Ergonomics) - Explaining the key preventable ergonomic risks in the workplace and what to do about them. We call it work for a reason. You've got this.


You Snooze You Win... Wait What? - An outline of the important benefits of just going to bed. Life extension, reduced health care costs, and sharper performance is all at the end of a great sleep.


Stay Connected (Not Plugged In) - Best predictors of early demise include my level of connection. Putting energy into people around me helps us live longer.


Cash Flow is Power - Revealing steps to make the switch from red to black on the same income. Financial cash flow techniques that re-jigs my relationship with money so that my income and I work together.

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