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Trees and Mountains

Individual Health Topics

Help your team stay resilient, upright, and able with these interactive topics focused on getting healthy and staying healthy. 

Printable handouts provided for all topics.


Tame the Tiger (70 minutes, $400) - Clarify how the stress system keeps us alive (but not healthy), by making our stress events seem a little worse than necessary. Self-regulating your stress response is the key to staying healthy all through life.


Raw Materials (60 minutes, $300) - Choosing fuel for the only body you'll ever get. You are what you eat so you might as well eat the best stuff.


Movement Strategies (60 minutes, $300) - Providing your team with evidence-based ways that exercise improves stress management, increases longevity, and prevents disease. How can I incorporate enough activity to stay well?


Workplace Powerhouse [Ergonomics] (60 minutes, $300) - Explaining the key preventable ergonomic risks in the workplace and what to do about them. We call it work for a reason. You've got this.


You Snooze You Win... Wait What? (60 minutes, $300) - An outline of the important benefits of just going to bed. Life extension, reduced health care costs, and sharper performance is all at the end of a great sleep.


Stay Connected, Not Plugged In (60 minutes, $300) - Best predictors of early demise include my level of connection. Putting energy into people around me helps us live longer.


Cash Flow is Power (60 minutes, $300)  - Revealing steps to make the switch from red to black on the same income. Financial cash flow techniques that re-jigs my relationship with money so that my income and I work together. Featuring Elbie Cashflow Coaching

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