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Injury Prevention & Employee Resilience Services

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After thirty-several years in private practice and over two decades of working with employees on-site in multiple jurisdictions and two countries, you might think I would have solved a few big problems by now. But here we are.

Despite the worlds’ huge investment in ergonomics, workplace safety, fad diets and get healthy quick strategies, low back pain is still the leading cause of disability world-wide. Causes-of-death in the developed world consistently list diseases of how we have chosen to live. Even huge volumes of new evidence that offer great hope for longer, healthier lives have not made the difference we hope for. It hasn’t trickled down. Whether it is low back disability, heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes, they are present throughout the developed world. Not just for old people, young people, heavy people, strange people, poor people, rich people, other people… It is almost everywhere. We want to help.

At Oobliq we know about ergonomic risk and solutions. We can mitigate the risk for an individual as well as an organization. We have seen a lot. The elephant in the room is the “effect size”. Despite the efforts, we still struggle to stay well, live upright and able and die an easy death at a ripe old age. Lifestyle decisions are the achievable missing piece. Let’s talk about it.

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Our evidence-informed services and programs are consistently updated and refined according to the latest research.  



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TEL:  +1 (866) 275-9486
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